BusinessNZ Energy Council


The BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) is a cross-section of leading energy-sector business, government and research organisations taking a leading role in creating a sustainable, equitable and secure energy future.

BEC represents the World Energy Council in New Zealand.

BEC is a brand of BusinessNZ, New Zealand’s largest business advocacy body.

Together with its members, BEC is shaping the energy agenda for New Zealand and globally.


Sustainable energy for everyone, everywhere.

New Zealand has set a target to transition to a net-zero carbon economy by 2050. Moving toward a more sustainable energy system has become one of the greatest challenges of our time.

BEC is working toward an energy future for New Zealand that thrives in a net-zero world, which is not only sustainable, but secure and affordable too.

Striking this balance is a constant challenge, but for those willing to try will discover immense opportunity for innovation and new business models.

Here’s How


BEC advocates for a secure, affordable, and sustainable energy system in New Zealand through collaboration with members from business, government, and academia.


BEC organises monthly events to educate and network energy leaders, fostering relationships and a comprehensive understanding of New Zealand’s energy sector.

International Collaboration

BEC is the World Energy Council representative here in New Zealand and works with international energy organizations to share knowledge, best practices, and to shape New Zealand’s and global energy policies.

Influence through Leadership

BEC maintains strong ties with key sectors to highlight important energy issues across the wider energy system and enables members to jointly influence better policy outcomes.

Research and Analysis

BEC conducts and publish research on various aspects of the energy sector, providing valuable insights and data to stakeholders.

Education and Training

BEC set up the YEPN to connect young future leaders and build capacity within the energy sector and ensure a skilled workforce for the future.

Join Us

Sustainable energy for everyone, everywhere.

Join us and start shaping NZ’s energy future

  • Join free events and meet other influencers in the energy sector
  • Come along to our quarterly council meeting and influence New Zealand’s energy agenda
  • Get involved in analytical work that helps us to better understand the complexity of the energy system
  • Share what matters to you with other leaders including Ministers, Officials, CEOs, GMs and Researchers across New Zealand and the World
  • Work with us on whole-of-energy system view and present it to the government and others
  • Feature your ideas on how to contribute to a balanced energy system in our social media and other media opportunities
  • Be part of the Young Energy Professionals Network and Future Energy Leaders Programme to attract talent and upskill your workforce
  • Share insights with other leaders in the sector through or webinars, seminars, breakfasts with Ministers, political panels such as the Energy101, Great Debate and the Bigger Picture and newsletter.

Take on the World Together

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