BusinessNZ Energy Council

New Zealand Energy Future Scenarios

Energy Strategy Deep-Dive using the TIMES-NZ Model

New modelling on New Zealand’s energy system reveals the Government’s 2035 emissions target can be met but will require significant investment, changes to the current regulatory environment and behavioral changes.

New Zealand Energy Scenarios – TIMES-NZ 2.0

How do you tell the story of the future? What if most Kiwis chose to see climate change as the most important problem to solve?

BEC2060 Energy Scenarios – TIMES-NZ 1.0

Building on the success of the BEC2050 energy scenarios the BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) and public and private partners have commissioned a comprehensive model of New Zealand’s entire energy sector.

BEC2050 Energy Scenarios – MARKEL

The BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) is working alongside a range of businesses, government, academics and NGOs to build a picture of what might influence our future energy mix by 2050.