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Vector keeps the lights on, the gas flowing and provides many other essential services crucial to New Zealand’s economic success and the welfare of our customers. Our vision is to be New Zealanders’ first choice for integrated infrastructure solutions to help build a better, brighter future.
We put customers at the centre of our thinking to ensure we understand and respond to their rapidly changing needs and can continue to provide vital services to them safely, efficiently and reliably.
Our focus on disciplined growth and operational excellence ensures we continue to strive for efficiency improvements, seek new ways of incorporating less predictable renewable energy sources and develop successful sustainable energy solutions for our customers. Innovations such as solar cells combined with battery storage offer our consumers opportunities to reduce their energy consumption and help us to more efficiently manage our network.
We are committed to providing a safe and great place to work that values diversity and develops skilled people who can lead our company in to the future.
And we understand that Vector has a role in the individual wellbeing of New Zealanders’ through the delivery of essential services, through effective storm / emergency planning and response and through our contributions to the community via our sponsorship and community programs.