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About us
Transpower owns and operates the National Grid – the high voltage transmission network connecting areas of generation with towns and cities across New Zealand.

What we do
Our people plan, build and operate the high voltage electricity transmission system that powers our country and our lives. We have been powering Kiwi homes and businesses for over 100 years. Our two roles as grid owner and real-time system operator are interdependent – both are essential for the power system to operate successfully. While we are most widely known for transmitting electricity, our role is much broader than this. We have a responsibility to help New Zealand meet its changing energy needs in a safe, affordable and reliable way, while supporting an evolving consumer landscape. The National Grid plays a critical role in enabling a highly renewable electrified future for New Zealand.

Climate change: What are we doing?
Addressing climate change, and meeting New Zealand's Paris Agreement commitments, will require our electricity system to begin planning and adapting for the future needs of our country, today.

Transpower has commissioned Te Mauri Hiko – Energy Futures project designed to start the conversation about the potential opportunities and challenges that may lay ahead as Aotearoa moves to decarbonise its economy. We have been reporting our carbon footprint for 10 years and over that time our overall greenhouse gas emissions have reduced 33% per cent, per Gwh electricity transmitted. Our strategy is to continue driving down our carbon footprint and reducing environmental impacts.

The 2017 Climate Change statement aligns with our Sustainability Strategy which states our commitment to enable a low emissions economy for New Zealand.