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Energy leaders Powering Change for a sustainable future

May 9, 2023 | News

Source: BusinessNZ

The BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) celebrates the energy sector’s commitment facilitating change, as we continue to build a more sustainable energy future.

Powering Change is an initiative which champions New Zealand’s climate change goals. The group is made up of companies across the energy sector who agree collective action and responsibility is key to achieving a lower-emissions future.

BEC Executive Director Tina Schirr says change is already happening in and around the sector.

“We’re choosing to be at the table and to help shape the conversation around how we can transition to a more sustainable energy future for Aotearoa.

“With more than 40 per cent of emissions coming from the energy and transport sector, we have a crucial role to play in meeting our net-zero carbon goal by 2050.

“BEC supports the energy leaders taking collective action and committing to reduced emissions and more better outcomes for kiwis.

“Change isn’t easy, particularly in a sector as broad as energy. But coming together for collective action is a positive step in our continued efforts.”

Powering Change members have agreed on six key principles to help guide their actions, focusing on choice, innovation, affordability, reliability, collaboration and care for the environment. More information can be found on the powering change site.


  • BEC is the New Zealand member of the World Energy Council
  • Powering Change is New Zealand’s energy sector coming together to demonstrate its commitment to reducing emissions and building a sustainable future

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