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Energy report sparks future vision

Oct 27, 2023 | News

Source: BusinessNZ

New Zealand’s energy sector believes in a sustainable energy future, but experts warn the path to carbon zero is narrow, with several challenges still ahead.

BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) Executive Director Tina Schirr says she is proud to be part of KPMG’s 30 voices on 2030: The future of energy in Aotearoa, a report which asked New Zealand’s energy leaders to share their vision for the future of the sector, and to present the challenges they see in achieving collective goals.

Schirr says the report overall showcases diversity and optimism within the energy sector.

“The energy sector is at the forefront of the transition to a more sustainable and resilient future. We are delighted to be part of this report, which also captures the views and visions of BEC member CEOs and BEC’s Young Energy Professional’s Network.

“By 2030, New Zealand will be in a strong position to lead and influence global energy transition, thanks to our rich renewable resources and ambitious carbon zero target. But there are several pitfalls ahead.

“By 2050, we expect to see a radical shift in the way we produce, consume and trade energy. New Zealand will have to find its niche and competitive advantage in a world where green technology is common,” Schirr says.

The full report is available now on KPMG’s website.

“Congratulations to KPMG for producing this report, which provides a comprehensive and insightful overview of the current state and future direction of the energy sector in New Zealand.”

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