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Global energy report echoes big issues at home

Apr 10, 2024 | News

Global data released today reveals urgent investment is required across the energy sector, as well as greater collaboration around the world.

The World Energy Issues Monitor 2024 captures the perspectives of almost 1,800 energy leaders from more than 100 countries, providing a snapshot and insights of the global energy landscape.

BusinessNZ Energy Council Executive Director Tina Schirr says the report demonstrates how global energy issues are echoed here at the national level.

“For example, New Zealand is trending toward focusing on climate change adaptation, where previously effort was spent on mitigation. The report shows our understanding of the situation has evolved – a trend across other countries and regions too.

“By working closer together with at least our closest neighbouring nations, we can achieve better outcomes both at home and abroad.”

Energy affordability is also keeping all sides of the energy equation up at night. Schirr says the issue is a delicate balance between suppliers and households.

“Transition to a low carbon future will unavoidably come at a cost, at least in the short term. Climate-resilient infrastructure and new renewable energy projects will require significant investment today, to bear fruit tomorrow.”

More than 100 New Zealand based executives, CEOs and leaders across the energy sector were surveyed as part of the Issues Monitor.

“The BusinessNZ Energy Council congratulates the World Energy Council on the release of this report and encourages others to use it as a pivotal tool to guide decision-making. We look forward to the further release of the accompanying Countries Maps, which show more localised results soon.”

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