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Groundbreaking substation earns low-carbon award

Jun 30, 2022 | News

The BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) congratulates member Unison Networks for winning the Low-Carbon Future Award, at the 2022 Energy Excellence Awards held in Christchurch last night.

Unison’s recently commissioned Windsor Substation is the first of its kind, designed with a greatly reduced carbon footprint.

BEC Executive Director Tina Schirr says the award is well deserved.

“By incorporating solar power, capturing and recycling water as well as using locally sourced, environmentally friendly materials, Unison is leading the way in low-carbon design.

“Unison have demonstrated what is possible if we create things with sustainability in mind.”

BEC also congratulates finalists in the Low-Carbon Future category Auckland Transport and Orion.

Auckland Transport became a finalist with its trial of Australasia’s first ever hydrogen fuel cell bus, which has run on a full passenger service. Orion was listed for taking up statcoms (a regulating device used on alternating current electricity networks) and biodiesel to decarbonise its generators to reduce emissions, paving the way for large generators to decouple from diesel.

Schirr says this years’ candidates have set a fine example for the future.

“These three initiatives demonstrate a desire to think outside the box, and to consider sustainability as part of how we do business as an industry.”

BEC sponsors the Low-Carbon Future Award to support excellence in the energy sector.

“It’s important to celebrate success stories that inspire the sector, and motivate others to choose sustainable and energy-efficient options.”

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