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What happened this winter? – Wellington, Sept 2017

Sep 18, 2017 | Newsletters (YEPN)

On 18 September 2017, Emily Calvert (Market Analyst at Transpower) and Rosie Read (Energy Modelling Analyst at Meridian Energy) presented their insights on how this dry winter affected the security of electricity supply. Whilst this winter may have seemed very wet to those living in the North Island, the inflows in major hydro catchments in the South Island were at their lowest on record. Due to our high reliance on hydro generation, this situation led the electricity industry to be on the ‘watch’ for an increased risk of supply outage. Emily and Rosie explained how their teams from Transpower and Meridian Energy monitor hydro storage, how they analyse and report security of supply information to the wider industry, and how they ‘predict’ dry winter events in order to lower the risk of supply outages in the future and manage these as required.

See here both presentations:

Emily Calvert Transpower
Rosie Read Meridian

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