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APEL Summit and FEL/YEPN Workshops – WellingtonMarch 2016

Mar 16, 2016 | News (YEPN)

On 16-17 March 2016, the BusinessNZ Energy Council and the World Energy Council (WEC) hosted the Asia-Pacific Energy Leaders’ Summit, focussed on delivering Energy and Infrastructure Resilience. As a part of that, we held a NZ Future Energy Leader / Young Energy Professional Network workshop themed ‘Investing in our Energy Future’. Around 25 of us got together for the workshop to deliver on our outcome “To become aligned on the barriers and opportunities to deliver a resilient energy system and generate a call to action for investing in our energy future”.

We were lucky enough to have guest speakers Joan MacNaughton from WEC talk about financing energy systems, and Steve Alesech from Z Energy talk about Z’s Biodiesel project – applying a lens of resilience considerations to these areas. We also went through the survey results and based on themes that came out of that, work shopped each theme and generated a number of ‘calls to action’. We presented the workshop outputs at the Summit the following day. The three high-level calls to action we presented were:

  • Clear direction from government and stable policy
  • Share the NZ energy story across our society
  • Stimulate investment by engaging with financial markets

To view our workshop presentation click here.

To view a PDF of the high level survey results click here.

To view the presentation from Joan MacNaughton on financing energy systems click here.

To view our presentation to the Summit click here.

Steve Alesech did not use slides but we did play a short video to familiarise people with the Z Biodiesel project, you can find that here.

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