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BEC welcomes the reappointment of Minister of Energy and Resources

Nov 2, 2020 | News

The BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) has welcomed the reappointment of Dr Megan Woods to the role of Minister of Energy and Resources.

BEC executive director Tina Schirr says she looks forward to continuing to work closely with the Minister.

“BEC has worked closely with the Minister since she took the role in 2018, and at this uncertain time, the sector requires strong engagement and understanding of the challenges and opportunities going forward.”

In its 2020 Energy Briefing, BEC outlines its key priorities for the incoming government, including developing a long-term whole-of-energy strategy to decarbonise the transport, industrial, primary, commercial and residential sectors.

“The Government should work closely with business to shape policies that will help New Zealand’s transition to a low carbon economy,” Ms Schirr says.

Ms Schirr says New Zealand continues to deliver against the energy trilemma and Dr Woods should work with the sector to maintain the balance between energy security, equity and environmental sustainability.

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