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Business key enabler to deliver on ERP

Jun 16, 2022 | News

Business New Zealand congratulates the Government on releasing its Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP) and detailing its Climate Emergency Response Fund today.

Chief Executive Kirk Hope says the Plan has been in the works for some time, and it is positive to see the ERP takes a comprehensive approach to a low-emissions future.

“Climate action is not the responsibility of any one sector and the ERP represents both a sectoral and system approach.

“It’s heartening to see evidence of submissions included, and to hear that Government has consulted with energy-intense businesses on barriers, when finalising the version released today.

“The ERP requires heavy involvement from businesses, who will need to assess their practices including manufacturing, travel choices and more.”

Business New Zealand Energy Council (BEC) Executive Director Tina Schirr says different sectors are at different stages of their decarbonisation journey.

“The energy sector has a murkier direction of travel in the ERP compared to other sectors like transport, who can get started on what the next four to ten years will look like with confidence.”

Outlined in the ERP are designs for final energy consumption of renewable sources to almost double to 50 percent by 2035, and that gas will play a role in our transition to a low-emission economy.

“BEC is glad to see gas has a valued and continued role in our transition, but the Government must give industry the confidence to continue investing in infrastructure.

“Something that will provide the energy sector with clarity is the Government’s energy strategy which is currently in development. BEC continues to collaborate on this strategy and are excited to see it released in full.

Ms Schirr says with the ERP in hand, BEC will be drawing heavily on the 2022 TIMES model of New Zealand’s energy system to assess the likely impacts it will have on businesses, both short-term and further into the future.

“We will be drawing on these model scenarios to provide guidance to New Zealand business,” Ms. Schirr says.

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