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Energy leaders focus on climate action, skills amid rising uncertainties

Mar 11, 2022 | News

While global uncertainties continue to grow, new survey results show New Zealand energy leaders are focused is on managing climate change, with priorities on renewable energy and efficiency.
The World Energy Council’s annual World Energy Issues Monitor has provided a snapshot of what keeps CEOs, policy makers and leading experts from more than 90 countries busy during the day, as well as awake at night.
BusinessNZ Energy Council Executive Director Tina Schirr says New Zealand’s focus is clear but requires innovative thinking.
“There has been continued investment in renewables over the past 12 months including more in the form of wind and solar, which is great to see.
“But to maintain security of supply as part of the energy trilemma, we must find suitable ways of storing renewable energy which supports New Zealand’s system.”
Schirr says growing uncertainty over energy security and storage solutions, including New Zealand’s gas transition, will need to be addressed in the Government’s upcoming energy strategy.
“Hydrogen could be one way to provide more flexibility in our future energy system, but the 2022 Monitor shows uncertainty around this issue is high. A long overdue hydrogen strategy could provide more certainty.”
The future of work of was identified as a rising concern in the 2022 Monitor. Schirr says this highlights the need for skills to deliver our goal of a sustainable economy.
“We’re likely seeing the impact of border restrictions during the pandemic and resulting difficulties of accessing skilled staff, which will be critical for New Zealand to meet the demand of increased digitalisation and decarbonisation within the energy sector.


– The BusinessNZ Energy Council is the World Energy Council’s representative in New Zealand

– The full World Energy Issues Monitor is available to read now

– See the interactive Issues Monitor tool to view, filter, analyse and download maps by a range of topics, locations and issues, and to compare with other countries

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