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Energy Trilemma: A waste of energy?

Sep 22, 2022

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Energy Trilemma: A waste of energy?

Join us for a panel discussion on the Energy Trilemma: a waste of energy?

Worldwide energy security and affordability is currently in a precarious state. As we move towards a more sustainable energy system what impact does this have on New Zealand? As we focus on energy sustainability, security and affordability, do we favour one over the other, what effect will this have on the trilemma and if it remains, how can we improve it?

Our panelists for this event include:

Ezra Hirawani, CEO and Co-Founder, Nau Mai Rā

Robyn Holdaway, General Manager Public Policy, Vector

Amelia Rentzios Head of Operations, Hiringa Energy

This session will be facilitated by Tina Schirr, Executive Director, BusinessNZ Energy Council

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