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Infrastructure spend to boost energy sector resilience

Jul 1, 2020 | News

A new package of infrastructure investments will help restart New Zealand’s economy and boost the energy sector, the BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) says.

Executive director Tina Schirr says more than $5 billion of projects across New Zealand are expected to create about 20,000 jobs.

The investment package includes about $210 million for climate resilience and flood protection projects, $155 million for transformative energy projects, about $180 million for large-scale construction projects and $50 million for enhanced regional digital connectivity.

“It’s great to see the Government focus on key sectors like housing, climate resilience and energy,” Ms Schirr says.

“It is important the money goes into resilient, future-focused projects that decarbonise the New Zealand economy and deliver benefits to energy consumers.

“We are especially pleased to see government engage with the private sector to deliver projects with strong outcomes for New Zealanders.”

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