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Aug 30, 2021 | News

An innovative app that opens up future energy scenarios has been nominated as a finalist in the Open Source Awards.

A collaboration between the BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC), EECA, and data analytics specialists Nicholson Consulting produced the New Zealand Energy Scenario – TIMES NZ 2.0 data visualisation app, to showcase the energy scenario modelling undertaken by BEC, the Paul Scherrer Institute and EECA.

The app allows users to explore possible ‘futures’ that could arise from different choices made about energy.

“It is important to have public discussion on the different energy directions that are possible for us in New Zealand, and for this to be supported by accessible, publicly available data,” BusinessNZ Energy Council Executive Director Tina Schirr said.

Kate Kolich, EECA Manager of Evidence, Insights and Innovation said, “Open Source technology enables us to make the outputs from our energy scenarios modelling accessible to all through the interactive open data visualisation app.”

Kylie Reiri, Nicholson Consulting CEO, said, “This is a tool with the potential to contribute to a better Aotearoa, and collaborating to build this application aligns with our vision of using analytics for the good of our communities.”

The Open Source Awards, which showcase the power of open source software, will be held on 26 October, 2021.

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