BEC NEWSLETTER – February 2022

Exploring New Zealand’s Hydrogen Potential

A vision to develop a market leading, export focused green hydrogen plant which will ultimately support the development and decarbonisation of both the domestic and overseas economies and help New Zealand’s transition to a 100 per cent renewable electricity generation system. While the hydrogen production is not economic currently, various factors could align in New Zealand and around the world to make it so.

BEC NEWSLETTER – February 2022

BEC NEWSLETTER – November 2021

This month we launch our annual Energy Issues survey, inviting energy leaders across the globe for their perspectives to help us deliver our mission of delivering better energy for all.

BEC NEWSLETTER – February 2022

BEC NEWSLETTER – October 2021

According to the World Energy Council’s latest Energy Trilemma results, New Zealand has continued to balance energy security, equity and sustainability well, ranking 9th overall out of 127 countries.